Asian Trekking


As a Nepalese company, has government permission to organize expeditions to Mt. Everest. During 40 years since it was founded, the company has gained the trust of thousands of travelers with its experience and excellent planning. Climbing Everest is a demanding expedition, but the company cares about each client, allowing the itinerary to be adapted to the needs and possibilities of the tourists. Members of the expedition have full support when it comes to food, equipment carrying, and more.

The whole trip includes not only rental of equipment, but also additional amenities, such as a stay in a 5-star hotel. The expedition to Everest has such a high reputability that each of the members meets the company's CEO personally. Moreover, some extra facilities can be added at the client demand. The company cares about the environment, regularly increasing the awareness of local ecological needs and organizing cleaning expeditions to ensure the Everest landscape will remain as beautiful as ever.

Company name: Asian Trekking
Company address: Thamel 3022
Zip Code: 44-600
City : Kathmandu
Phone : +977 01 4424249

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