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We gladly use natural stones in our homes and companies. They enrich interiors with a glamorous and stylish look and are at the same time very durable. However, all types of stone require professional restoration tailored to a particular type of surface, with the use of specialised methods.

What services are included in stone restoration?

Stone restoration entails proper stone maintenance and preservation. It might be broadly divided into natural stone restoration and engineered stone restoration. Restoration of any type of stone includes activities such as stone cleaning, polishing, honing, and impregnating with a sealer. There are many methods to choose from and nowadays there is more and more non-toxic, natural and environmentally friendly solutions. You may also choose from different types of finish, whether you prefer it to be more matte or shiny. There are multiple stone restoration companies in London and its surroundings, but only a few employ professionals with expertise in restoration services with regard to less common types of stone, e.g. quartz and stone floor polishing. Milos Marbles is a company that offers a wide range of services, including quartz polishing. This company provides stone restoration in London and nearby areas.

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