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Are you tired of concrete private roads that become slippery in the winter and extremely hot during the summer? Do you wish to have a natural looking, fully eco-friendly private road and car park? If so, a professional grass driveway grid offered by GT Prospect Limited would be a perfect choice.

Nowadays more and more people become environmentally conscious and try to create an eco-friendly space around their household. Grass driveway grid is designed to product grass filled surfaces and parking systems. Extremely durable, it withstands the weight of even massive vehicles, being able to perfectly replace traditional ground reinforcement.

GT Prospect Limited store offers grass grids for your driveway in two versions: 40×40 or 50×50 cm. They are available in black or green. Highly permeable, they discharge rainwater rapidly. They are also beneficial for the substrate, as their honeycomb structure locks the moisture in. Moreover, they strengthen the slopes and embankments, making it possible for roots to pass through the chambers.

Grass driveway grid may be purchased at It is effortless and quick to install, so that you could enjoy your green car park or private road in no time. It would also save you a significant amount of time, as it is basically maintenance free.

Company name: GT Prospect Limited
Company address: Prospect Close 8A
Zip Code: NG-177
City : Kirkby in Ashfield
Phone : 01623 721 289

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